Leslie J. Murray (born 1980, Trinidad & Tobago) left T&T in 1998 to attend Swarthmore College. While at Swarthmore, he fell in love with research after working in his first and second years with Prof. Michael R. Wedlock (currently at Gettysburg College). He spent two summers as a research intern at the GlaxoWellcome/GlaxoSmithKline site in Research Triangle Park, NC, during which he learned a great deal about organic synthesis, and then worked under Prof. Robert S. Paley in the Spring of his senior year. After graduating from Swarthmore in 2002 with B.A. degrees in Chemistry and Biology, he pursued and then received a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry in 2007 under the supervision of Prof. Stephen J. Lippard at MIT. His Ph.D. thesis focused on component interactions and dioxygen activation in the toluene/o-xylene monooxygenase system. Subsequently, he was a postdoctoral researcher in Jeffrey R. Long’s group at UC, Berkeley, where he focused on gas storage and separation using metal–organic frameworks. Leslie is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Florida and affiliated with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (CV).
        Contact Info:
        Office: CLB 410B
        Phone: 352.392.0564
        Email: murray-at-chem.ufl.edu 
        Program Assistant: Jessica Thompson (352.392.0545/office)